How to ferment idli batter faster: Quick tips

When the temperature dips, fermentation slows down. It can be quite frustrating if you want to make idli or dosa for breakfast the next day. Try these tips to speed up the process in winters and monsoon.

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Have you ever found yourself craving a soothing meal and eating healthy simultaneously? Well, a good meal can make or break your mood, and starting the day with a plate full of warm idlis is surely a mood-maker, soul soother. Although it is very easy to get your hands on warm idli in the morning, fresh idlis made with homemade batter hit differently. They are super fresh and made with the utmost care and nutrition that your body deserves.
Yes, the process of fermenting the idli batter can be long and tedious but the efforts are absolutely worth it. It is like making a batch of the batter once and enjoying hot idlis for multiple days! Nothing will warm your soul like eating fresh idlis during the winter season and here’s a foolproof way to ferment the batter quickly in winters.
idli nutritional benefits health
idli nutritional benefits health
How to ferment idli batter in winters and monsoons
Fermenting idli batter during the chilly winter season and monsoon can be a task because the drop in temperature does make the whole process longer and slower. But here are a few surefire ways to help you achieve a smooth batter easily and quickly:
  1. Move the batter to a warmer spot at your home, maybe a kitchen drawer or under sunlight. This will ensure that the drop in external temperature does not hamper the fermentation process.
  2. You can place the batter in a preheated oven with nothing but the light on so the temperatures are regulated and fermentation happens quickly.
  3. Another way is to add a pinch of baking soda to the dry ingredients before finally grinding them into a paste and letting them ferment.
  4. You can also add dry flattened rice or fermented rice during blending to make the batter ferment quickly.
Health benefits of idli
Idli is a perfect example of how taste and health can go hand in hand. Firstly, idli is oil-free and very low in calories. The excess rice content can also be switched with the use of pulses and vegetables. Secondly, due to the natural fermentation process, idli is very easy to digest and keeps the body full for longer, thus avoiding unnecessary binge eating or snacking. It is also packed with fibre and iron, making the dish extremely nutritious for the body. All these attributes make idlis a a perfect aid to your weight loss diet.
milagai podi idli healthy benefits
milagai podi idli healthy benefits
Why should Idli become a regular part of your diet?
Calorie free with the least side effects, idli is one such food that can be prepared in many different varieties like podi idli, stuffed idli, button idli, masala idli, mallige idli and many more that can be made in various ways to add to the health and taste quotient to your day.
You can add some spinach puree and spices to the batter to give it a nice, green-colour and healthy dose, or a cocktail idli that is masala coated and fried to perfection. If you want something even more filling and flavourful, stuff the idlis with either a vegetable or potato mix and you’re good to go.
A food this healthy and tasty should not miss the chance to be on your regular menu especially if you are looking to alter your food habit for weight loss.


idli batter recipe

how to make idli batter

How to ferment idli batter faster

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