Five Key Nutritional Benefits of Banana Leaf

By:Narayan Thakur, Updated: Aug 9, 2021 | 00:55 IST

Banana Leaf

Eco-friendly, economic and hygienic Banana Leaf started its journey as a utility product in ancient ages when it was first used for writing along with Palm leaves. Due to qualities such as water-repulsion, aesthetics and space, banana leaf has multiple applications in different cuisines across the world. Indian states like Kerala, Karnataka have a standing tradition of serving food on banana leaves. Indian Bengalis are known for their Hilsa fish paturi which is a steamed fish preparation in mustard sauce. The Philippines, Ecuador, Central America, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia regularly use banana leaf in their cooking. Nowadays plates made from banana leaf are providing a solution to plastic waste by replacing it. In many cultures banana leaf is also treated as an edible item. Unwrapped wontons are fired and eaten with banana leaves. All these stem from the healthy trends that the banana leaf renders. Such as:

• Boosting Immunity
• Reducing Fever
• Curing sore throat
• Limiting free radicals
• Improving healthy skin

Nutritional benefits of banana leaf






10-17% (DM basis)





Apart from these, banana leaves contain sodium, potassium and other minerals that are of immense value in medicinal sciences. Hence banana tea is becoming a popular choice among health nuts.

Key Health Benefits of Banana Leaf:

1. Healing Allantoin: Banana leaf has allantoin that acts as an astringent. This helps in processing wounds and injuries faster than other healing compounds.

2. High Antioxidant: Degenerative diseases such as Alzheime’s, dementia and cancer can be prevented through high antioxidants found in banana leaf.

3. Skin Glow: Inflammatory agents of banana leaf are great for skin and any skin irritation. In Ayurvedic treatments banana leaf is used to wrap medicine on skin for faster improvement.

4. Reduces Cellulite: Mashed banana leaves can help cut cellulite on the human body.

5. Cut Down Calories: To reduce weight, garlic and banana leaves tea mixture is taken as a top nourishment drink that burns belly fat.

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