Healthy Coke Recipe: Is the Viral TikTok Drink Safe?

The newest culinary gift from the world of TikTok is a 'Healthy Coke' recipe. With just two ingredients -- balsamic vinegar and plain soda -- a TikTok user has recreated a brown fizzy drink that looks a lot like Coke. The reviews are mixed with some hailing the drink to others saying it tastes like "sh*t." However, the recipe has invited criticism from unlikely quarters -- the dentists.

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Updated Jun 22, 2022 | 16:51 IST


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healthy coke recipe
healthy coke recipe
TikTok has officially become the hallowed ground for new and exciting recipes. Who can forget the famed Baked Feta Pasta, Custard Toast and Green Goddess Salad, all bestowed upon us by the gourmands on TikTok. There's a new "recipe" that has been doing the rounds on the platform these days for "healthy coke."
This TikTok hack claims to be a guilt-free version of the iconic drink made with just two ingredients: soda water and balsamic vinegar. This drink supposedly tastes just like Coke but without the chemicals and excess sugar.
The TikTok user who goes by the name Amanda Jones created this DIY cola. The concoction tastes deceptively similar to coke, according to people who have tried it.
What goes into Healthy Coke?
Only two ingredients are needed for the drink: plain soda and balsamic vinegar.
Balsamic vinegar, used widely in Italian and Mediterranean cooking, is a dark-brown vinegar with a fruity aroma and a sweet-sour taste. The vinegar is made of grapes and is often served mixed with olive oil as a dip for freshly baked bread. The fruity vinegar pairs well with chicken, pork, tomatoes, strawberries, pear, basil and mozzarella cheese.
The other ingredient is plain carbonated water or seltzer.
How to make Healthy Coke
To make this drink, take a tall glass and fill it halfway with ice. Add two splashes of balsamic vinegar, preferably from a good brand. Then top it off with a can of (350 ml) of soda water. Jones, in her video, uses Colavita Balsamic Vinegar and LaCroix Guava Sao Paulo soda water. She notes that any seltzer, irrespective of the flavour, will do.
Does it taste like real Coke?
The recipe has intrigued the internet and had people raiding their pantry for soda and balsamic vinegar. Since the vinegar has a fruity flavour, it's easy to think why it could be a good substitute for coke.
However, the original Coke recipe has notes of citruses, cinnamon, vanilla and kola nut, which cannot be replicated by the vinegar alone.
Understandably, the reviews are mixed. Some people enjoyed the hack despite its sour aftertaste. Others were quick to point out that all brown beverages don't taste like coke. Here are some of the reactions on social media.
Why it could be dangerous
After the trend went viral, healthcare experts, especially dentists have been warning against the side effects of chugging vinegar. Since balsamic vinegar is acidic, it could post a bigger problem for your teeth enamel than Coke does, according to dentists.
The American Dental Association (ADA) has also released a statement warning about the ill-effects of the "healthy" Coke. Quoting a January 2022 study, the association warned against the effects of the acidic drink: “The more acidic the drink, the greater the risk of tooth erosion with frequent consumption.”
ADA said that acidic foods and beverages can wear away the enamel that protects teeth and lead to tooth erosion. Eroded tooth may appear discoloured and "open the door for bacteria to cause cavities and infection."
Even more disturbingly, it may be worse than sugary Coke when it comes to dental health, because the acid in the beverage posed a bigger problem that the sugars.

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healthy coke recipe

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