Pakoda recipes for the rain: From Crispy Maggi Balls to Chicken Pakoda

These delicious nuggets will bring a ray of sunshine into your rainy evenings.

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Updated Jul 20, 2022 | 11:48 IST


Enough has been said (and written) about the virtues and chai and pakoda in the rains, but hear us out. Every time it rains, we've resorted to the usual pakoda staples made of pyaaz, aloo, palak, paneer, capsicum or moong. While classics will always be classics, let us also explore some unconventional pakoda recipes that will add a lot of flavour and fun to your rainy evenings. Here are some of the choicest bests from our pakoda section.
1. Pizza Pakoda
Try our Italian-inspired pakoda recipe stuffed with juicy veggies and rich cheese and coated with a crisp shell of besan. It truly combines the best of both worlds. Serve with marinara sauce or with imli and green chutney; it will go well with both.
2. Leftover Pakoda
No takers for yesterday's dal? No problem. Upgrade it by converting it into an awesomely delicious dal pakoda made of leftovers. It's not only easy to prepare but also a smart way to prevent food wastage. In no time, the ones who turned their noses up against leftovers will be jostling for more. Serve with ketchup or mint chutney. You can also add texture to the pakodas by adding dry subzi to the mix.
3. Crispy Chicken Pakoda
Non-veg lovers. We haven't forgotten about you. Try these juicy and crispy Chicken Pakodas coated with besan and flavoured with spices on a rainy evening with a hot cup of chai. These delicious nuggets will add sunshine to your dull day. The recipe is ridiculously simple as well.
4. Paneer Maggi Crispy Balls
If there's anything we love more than pakoda it's Maggi pakoda. Paneer Maggi Crispy Balls are the ultimate comfort snack that combines some of our favourite foods. Soft paneer coated with crisp noodle bits and fried to crisp perfection, what's not to love? Dunk them in mayo or good old tomato ketchup!
5. Prawn Pakoda
This one is for all the seafood lovers out there. Soft and succulent prawns are batter fried to give you these insanely delicious Crispy Prawn Pakoda. Serve them as appetisers or as tea-time snacks.
6. Corn Bhajiya
To bring back memories of drifting clouds at Tiger Point, Lonavala during monsoons, here is a delicious recipe for Corn Bhajiya. Besan-coated corn bits are fried and served with tangy ketchup or fresh green chutney. The crunch of the besan coating is complemented by the juiciness of the corn kernels. Rains are incomplete without this delectable snack.
7. Dahi Pakoda
You heard that right. These pakodas made of ... wait for it .. yoghurt may seem impossible to prepare. Chef Ranveer Brar breaks down the recipe for you. The best part is that it's air-fried. So eat as much as you like!


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