Pizza party! From Calzone to Deep Dish, 7 types of pizzas for the week

These luscious treats are created by our top chefs who have added their own delicious spin on the classic recipes.

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Updated Jul 18, 2022 | 09:57 IST


Rains are battering down on us but definitely not dampening our mood, especially for food. The cool weather brings out our cravings, making us miss crispy and spicy treats with steaming hot cups of tea. If you are in the mood for something cheesy, spicy and toothsome, try out best pizza recipes. When we think of pizzas, we think of a crisp yet chewy crust, a thick layer of sauce, oodles of stretchy cheese and flavoursome toppings. However, the same good old flavours of pizza can be enjoyed in many forms. These luscious treats are created by our top chefs who have added their own delicious spin on the classic recipes. From Pizza Pakoda to Pizza Parcels, try these easy pizza recipes to enjoy in the rains.
1. Bread Pizza
An easy and quick way to enjoy the flavours of pizza, here is the recipe for Bread Pizza. Crunchy on the outside and cheese-filled on the inside, this is the perfect evening snack on a rainy day along with a hot cup of tea. You don't have to be an expert chef or toss pizza dough into the air to nail this recipe. All you need are some basic kitchen ingredients.
2. Calzone
Pizzas can be introverted too. This Italian snack is a pizza that you can carry and eat on the go! It's a pizza pocket that is stuffed with cheese, meat, veggies and tomato sauce. It has a flaky, crispy crust with steaming hot stuffing. Here's an easy recipe for you to try this week.
3. Pizza Jacket Potatoes
The same old delicious flavours of pizza but on a much healthier form of carbs -- potatoes. These jacket potatoes are excellent party starters or side dishes. They also make a good meal on their own. Add some veggies and protein to make it a balanced snack. If you are watching your weight, skip the cheese. Serve with a generous helping of marinara sauce.
4. Conizza
Pizza but in a cone -- that's the best way to describe this scrumptious snack. A spicy mixture of corn, chicken, veggies and onions is stuffed into a crispy cone, topped with cheese and baked to perfection. It's a pizza that you can enjoy sans cutlery on the go! Drizzle with some sauce of your choice and bite right into it.
5. Paneer Pizza Rolls
Everything else can wait until it's time to pig out on these delectable pizza rolls. These pizza pinwheels are perfect snacks for kids and adults alike. This recipe calls for paneer, but you can always add any ingredient of your choice.
6. Deep Dish Pizza
This Detroit-style deep-dish pizza can be rustled up at home with this easy recipe. These pizza pies are extra chunky with more sauce, more toppings and more cheese. They are totally worth the effort!
7. Pizza Pakoda
That's right; it's a pizza and it's a pakoda. Luscious stuffing sandwiched between two pieces of pizza base, dunked in besan and deep-fried -- what's not to love? Perfect for the rains when you can't decide between gorging on pakodas or ordering pizza.

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