World Chocolate Day 2022: Éclairs, mousse and other yummy chocolate recipes to celebrate the day

It's officially the Day of Chocolate! We got some delicious and easy recipes to celebrate our favourite guilty pleasure. Try them out today.

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We've got to admit that every day is World Chocolate Day for a true blue chocophile, and there is plenty of chocolate lovers around the world. We consume $83 billion worth of chocolate every year. On Valentine's Day alone, nearly $400 million worth of the sweet stuff is devoured. In fact, we were eating chocolate at such an alarming rate that in 2020, a chocolate crisis was predicted. Are we even surprised? There's something so satisfyingly addictive about chocolate.
Chocolate is known as the "food for the Gods", which has inspired its scientific name Theobroma Cacao. This luscious brown delicacy is incredibly versatile and can be turned into a candy bar, mousse, chocolate ganache, brownies, cakes, cookies and even a spicy Mexican sauce called mole.
In the ancient times, it was savoured in the form of a beverage for most of its history. It’s difficult to find out the exact origin of chocolate. But researchers believe that it has been around for 2000 years. In fact, the word chocolate originated from the Aztec word “xocoatl,” which refers to the bitter drinks brewed from cocoa beans. The history of chocolate began in ancient Mesoamerica, which is present-day Mexico. Chocolate is basically made with cocoa beans.
Chocolate, when first arrived in Spain, was considered a medicine. Then, slowly and gradually, it reached Europe. That’s exactly where its’ evolution started. Seems like the bitter taste of chocolate wasn’t appreciated by the masses back then. So, Europeans started adding sugar and more flavours to it. And the modern era of chocolate was born. Joseph Fry was the person behind creating the first chocolate bar since he figured out that he was able to make a moldable chocolate paste by adding melted cocoa butter back into Dutch cocoa.
Anyhoo, since it's World Chocolate Day today (celebrated every year on July 7), we will delve into some of our most delicious, luscious and scrumptious chocolate recipes to celebrate the day.
1. Chocolate cake
Let's ring in the day with a giant hunk of moist chocolate. This ice-box cake recipe is easy as easy does. Try it out today and impress someone who loves chocolate as much as you do.
2. Chocolate bark
Want something fancy and delicious without all the work? Try making this Chocolate Bark at home. This lovely recipe is inspired by the flavours of the Middle East with notes of rose, pistachios and pomegranate. It's also ridiculously easy.
3. Nama Chocolate
This luscious Nama Chocolate flavoured with kesar pista is another easy chocolate recipe anyone can make. This is a no-bake recipe and is fit for all occasions.
4. Chocolate Mousse Trifle
If you want something spectacular to grace the centre of your dining table, put together this yummy Chocolate Mousse Trifle. It is as great a treat to the eyes as it is to the mouth. This showstopper of a dessert is also quite simple and doesn't need cooking.
5. Chocolate Bombs
A disclaimer -- these bombs are 100% safe and 1000% delicious. With the weather turning cold, all you need is a hot chocolate beverage in hand. This exquisite recipe for Chocolate Bomb is just what you need. These white and dark chocolate shells are stuffed with cocoa and marshmallows. Throw them into a hot cup of milk and watch the magic.
6. Churros
Want to sneak in some chocolate into your breakfast? Try Churros. These sugary, cinnamon-y pastry sticks are enjoyed dunked in a hot chocolate ganache. It's perfect for days when nothing but dessert will do for breakfast!
7. Chocolate Éclair
If you want to take the extra effort and be a little fancy, try this darling of a dessert we all call Éclair. This French classic pastry-based dessert has a rich creamy centre and a flaky exterior.
8. Coconut Blast Chocolate
Bounty bars are testimony that coconut and chocolate make one heck of a pair! This luxurious dessert has a white chocolate crust with a deliciously gooey coconut ganache.

World Chocolate Day 2022

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