World Kebab Day 2022: From Galouti to Seekh, yummy kebab recipes you have to try!

On July 8, we celebrate our favourite appetiser -- the kebab. We have a list of drool-worthy recipes to celebrate the day.

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Kebabs hold a venerable place in the world of Indian appetisers. They are known for their meaty, toothsome texture; smoky flavour; and spicy taste. We all love kebabs. Be it a delicious dinner with family or simply enjoying the starters at a social gathering, kebabs can never go wrong. These delicacies are popular for their meaty texture, aroma and the usage of a wide range of spices
Kebabs can be made with literally any ingredient they like including tofu, paneer, chicken, mutton or vegetables. Now, we have some good news for all the kebab lovers out there. Every year, the second Friday of July is celebrated as World Kebab Day. So, this year, the day is falling on July 8. And, it's a great way to learn about kebabs, and obviously, relish the food item. To mark this day, you can either host a kebab party for your family and friends or simply prepare some drool-worthy kebabs at home. For anything you choose to do, refer to the recipes below.
1. Galouti kebabs
Let’s hit the list with this one. While discussing kebabs, we cannot skip the ones popular in the city of Nawabs – Lucknow. Yes, we are talking about Galouti kebabs. These lip-smacking delights are known for their buttery texture. Raw papaya is added to this recipe because it has a special enzyme that tenderises the meat. Invented by the Khansamas of Nawab Asad-ud-Daula, who had lost his teeth, these kebabs are a must-try.
2. Easy chicken kebab
This one will surely leave the chicken lovers drooling. Chicken kebabs are soft and succulent and above all, super delectable in taste. They come with a yoghurt base and seasoning that make the dish all the more appetising. On top of this, there’s no oil or extra masala that goes into preparing this which ultimately turns it into a healthy affair. This is a simple and quick recipe for chicken kebabs that are utterly delicious and seem light on the stomach.
3. Chicken kalimiri kebab
Are you looking for a quick recipe to offer your guests? If yes, then trust chicken kalimiri kebab to serve the purpose. It is soft, luscious and juicy and basically, all that’s required to tingle your tastebuds. If you are preparing it for kids, just make sure that you go easy on the pepper. All you need is just a bit of preparation beforehand and you’ll be able to treat your guests to this sumptuous recipe.
4. Veg kebab bread rolls
No matter what day it is, there’s always some space in our tummies for some snacks. If you like munching on mouth-watering treats that gift you with a burst of flavours, go for veg kebab bread rolls. This dish carries the goodness of vegetables including potatoes, carrots, French beans, and cabbage. The ingredients come together with a host of spices, rolled in bread and fried to perfection.
5. Dahi ke kebab
You are always on the lookout for starters that are yummy and good. If you are bored with the regular paneer dishes, try out dahi ke kebab. It’s a delightful curd snack that can be prepared within a jiffy. Dahi ke kebabs are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. You can enjoy it before the main course and we bet, you’ll fall in love with the taste.
6. Kala chana kebab
This recipe is for all the ones who believe in having all things healthy. This classic dish is made with kala chana or Bengal gram that’s packed with protein and is rich in fibre. You do not have to make any elaborate arrangements to prepare this. You just need some spices and kala chana at home to rustle up this treat. Even vegans can have it.
7. Russian chicken kebabs
This recipe comes with a slight makeover that you are definitely going to love. Russian kebabs have a crispy shell of vermicelli and a yummy filling stuffed inside. You can make this recipe for Iftar, dinner parties or game nights or any other social gathering at your place. Once you serve it, we are sure it’s going to be a hit among your guests.
8. Aloo tikki kebabs
An aloo recipe can never go wrong. Well, the answer is always “no”. Here’s your chance to savour aloo in another unique way. Also, the added benefit of the recipe is that it's vrat-friendly. So, next time when you are fasting and wondering what to cook, choose this vrat-special recipe.
9. Chicken seekh kebab
Imagine digging in juicy and rich chicken kebabs from skewers while spending a great time with your loved ones. Make this today and pair it up with mint chutney, yoghurt dip or pickled onions. You literally just need chicken and other everyday ingredients including masalas, onions, ginger, garlic, lemon juice and coriander leaves among others to make this.
On World Kebab Day, do rustle up these recipes at home and have a gala time with your family and friends.


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