biryani recipes

About biryani recipes

A popular variation of rice or rather the most flavourful preparation of rice is the biryani! Prepared with rich Indian spices, vegetables and meat, it goes without saying that biryani recipes are a must have option from the cook books! The two very famous biryani recipes that we have are the great dum biryani recipe and the delectable Hyderabadi biryani recipe, which if you don't try, you better not call yourself a biryani lover! We also bring you chicken biryani, egg biryani and mutton biryani too! And, contrary to the popular opinion that says veg biryani isn't a biryani at all, we believe veg biryanis are the purest forms of biryani, just good old rice, spices and vegetable! Therefore we bring you some great veg biryani recipes too!