From Chicken Vada Pav to Pizza Pakoda: 7 Best Snacks for the Rains

Monsoons are a much-awaited time of the year. It not only gives us respite from the heat but also makes us crave spicy, crunchy and crispy snacks. If the weather is making you dream about delicious food and a hot cup of tea, we have just the list for you. Try our amazing line-up of snacks, from luscious Chicken Vada Pav to crunchy Onion Pakoda. If you want a bit of fusion, try our Pizza Pakoda and Desi Chicken Wings. So chefs, let's get cooking!

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Updated Jun 22, 2022 | 14:02 IST


Are you dreaming about crunchy pakodas, hot tea and plate of steaming hot Maggi? Us too! This week has given us the much-needed respite from the heat. As always, we are all about food! In this lovely weather, we have put together a set of simple and delicious snacks that you can enjoy. From crispy Pizza Pakodas to Hakka Noodles to Chicken Wings, our chefs have whipped up an array of delicious foods for the season, one recipe for every day of the week! Don't forget to try them out!
1. Pizza Pakoda (veg)
This delectable recipe is perfect for evenings when you can't decide between pizzas and pakodas. The pakoda is stuffed with cheese, veggies and a lip-smacking sauce; coated with a layer of besan, and deep-fried to perfection. Serve with chutney or marinara sauce.
2. Chicken Vada Pav
Don't get us wrong. We don't like tampering with classics either. Vada pav is great on its own without any bells and whistles, but this one truly takes the cake...or should we say "the pav!" Spicy chicken mince is coated in a layer of besan, deep-fried and served with pav. The flavours are the same that we have loved and enjoyed for ages. Serve it with lehsun chutney with a side of adrak chai!
3. Maggi Paneer Pakoda
We don't believe in committing crimes against Maggi, but this recipe is a sure-shot winner. Nothing seems more comforting than a hot plate of Maggi. When the weather gets gloomy and cozy, kick back and relax with this Maggi Paneer Pakoda that just complete justice to the yummy Maggi flavour. This dish is a perfect evening snack and is very easy to make. The combination of mushy paneer, crispy noodle bits and spices is heaven. Try it today.
4. Desi Chicken Wings
Nothing beats the satisfaction of biting into a juicy piece of hot wings. Try this recipe that uses Indian spices. Perfectly charred outside but juicy and delicious inside, these Desi Chicken Wings are perfect for rainy nights by the television. Pair it with a bubbly drink. They also make for great appetisers.
5. Honey Barbeque Chicken Wings
And if desi flavours are not your thing, here's a finger licking good recipe of Honey Barbeque Chicken Wings that you can try. This snack has a crunchy exterior that's enrobed in a classic sweet and spicy sauce with hints of smokiness. You can also swap the chicken for paneer, baby corn or tofu. It's the best paired with a fizzy drink.
6. Mom's Special Leftover Pakoda
Who said you have to slave away in the kitchen for delicious snacks? Turn your leftovers into a quick pakoda with just a handful of ingredients in a jiffy. If you don't like wasting food, turn your leftover subzi and dal into these crispy nuggets of joy. These pakodas are mom-approved. What else do you need?
7. Classic Onion Pakoda
This list is incomplete without our beloved Onion Pakoda, the alpha and omega of rainy day snacks. Paired with a cup of "garam chai", onion pakoda is matchless. Spiced with red chilli powder and hints of ajwain, thin strips of onion are coated with besan and fried till they are golden brown. Dip it in ketchup or serve with mint chutney.
This is our list of perfect rainy day snacks. They are all delectable and simple to make. Follow our YouTube channel, Instagram page and website for more such recipes If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments. Happy snacking and happy rains everybody!


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