Luchi and Aloo Dum: How to make this Bengali favourite

Prep time: 30 mins
Cook time: 30 mins
Serves: 4

Updated: Jun 24, 2021 | 22:58 IST

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Luchi and Aloo Dum recipe with steps: Bengali cuisines are world-famous. Not only because of their taste but also for their sweet names. If the dish flavourful with spices, herbs and other condiments, their names give a distinct charm. And you can relate them with your life and all the beautiful memories from the past.

The luchi aloo is a popular combination of Bengali cuisine that you may want to have over the weekend or may want to have at breakfast or lunch during the working day's meal. It is similar to North Indian aloo pooris but with a different set of spices. Similar to poories, luchis are flatbreads that are fried in oil to make them flaky and puffy. Popular versions of aloo or potato gravy with luchis go well with other side dishes. People usually prefer aloo dum gravy. The latter is a spiced potato preparation with spices and tomatoes along with coconut milk. Here is the recipe:


Serves 4
  • potato

    500 grams

  • salt

    As required

  • turmeric powder

    1 teaspoon

  • bay leaves

    2 Numbers

  • cumin seeds

    1/2 teaspoon

  • tomato

    2 Numbers

  • ginger paste

    As required

  • turmeric powder

    1/2 tablespoon

  • red chilli powder

    1/2 tablespoon

  • cumin powder

    1/2 tablespoon

  • coconut milk

    2 cup

  • oil

    As required

  • all purpose flour

    2 cup

  • ghee

    2 tablespoon

  • warm water

    As required


Step 1

Cut the potatoes in half and marinate them in a small portion of salt and 1 tbsp turmeric powder. Mix well to coat all the potatoes with it.

preparation steps
Step 2

Heat some mustard oil in a pan. Add the marinated potatoes. Fry until they are slightly brown. Remove them from the pan and keep them aside.

preparation steps
Step 3

Heat more oil and add bay leaves and cumin seeds. Now add two chopped tomatoes, followed by some salt to help the tomatoes cook faster.

preparation steps

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